You just can’t give Uncharted 3 a 4/10 review score and expect any credibility

First I’d like to say that even although this is primary a Nintendo site we are above all just guys who like gaming, no matter on what platform.

So after the all the stir that the negative Uncharted 3 reviews have caused, I needed to write something to voice my opinion – an opinion that I think most “average gamers” will share.

It happens to be based on the huge backlash that those reviews caused but I want to make a point for all games, all genres, video gaming as a whole.


ps3 and wii

I’ll put it bluntly: you can’t give Uncharted 3 a 4/10 or even a “C” like “The A.V. Club” did. It may sound like a childish tantrum, but I genuinely think that you can’t (regardless of the opinion you have on the game) give something like Uncharted 3 that score.

The world of gaming has been trying for years to get the same respect as the cinema industry. So it seems fitting that the review trends are also going that way.

I’m saying this because it’s probably the first time in history that such a well made “blockbuster” game gets such low scores from some isolated websites – sure, some harsh publications like Edge have previously given some “AAA” games lower scores than the average, but they always had their fair reasons and they were never in the 4-5 range.

Now it seems that it’s alright to give a game score based on how it “feels” to us, on our opinion. There’s a reason why I never trust or even care about film or new music album scores. Most of the time the reviewers have a very different taste and what they find amazing I find terrible, and vice versa. Not with gaming.


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I’ve been playing games for a long, long time. Not from the beginning, but shortly after the NES was launched I was already marveling at the amazing 8-bit worlds that Nintendo created. And there was a crucial point that over the years people seemed to miss.

Games CAN be good, average, or bad. Whenever someone tells me that “it’s just a reviewers opinion”, I tell them that it’s not. I know many of you agree with the point that “reviews are just opinions”, but I want to make clear that I think in this industry you can “quantify” how good a game is.

You can measure how good the graphics are, how immersing the music is, how engaging the gameplay is, how responsive the controls are.

And this is the key point of the article. The “greatness” of a game is not based on an opinion, it’s based on multiple factors. And that’s why all my life I’ve followed reviews, bought games based on them and I’ve never regretted a single purchase I ever made.


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Yes, I have also bought “average” games, but I knew what I was getting into. The best example I can think of is the PlayStation 2 JRPG Star Ocean 3. I love that game to bits and it’s probably among my favourite RPGs of all time, but at the same time I know its limitations. I understand them.

Even though I like Star Ocean 3 much more than Final Fantasy XII, I would rate the first one with a 7,5 and the second one with a 9. Why? Well, Star Ocean’s story is not very good, the voice acting is laughable, the music can the extremely annoying and the graphics were not good even for its time.

What it has, though, is some incredibly amazing post-game content with some brutal super-bosses which boast millions on HP and some cool legendary weapons which can be really hard to get. The combat is excellent and the game can be really, really addicting.


Oh, the joy of seeing a screen full of huge numbers


Final Fantasy XII on the other hand has some incredibly good graphics (for a PS2 game), very solid gameplay, an engaging story, excellent music and an overall “polishment” which definitely deserves no less than a 9.

I prefer Star Ocean 3, but the better game is Final Fantasy XII.

Why did I just write about two long-forgotten games from a gone-by era? Because the same can be applied to Uncharted 3.

You may not like the cinematic gameplay, the (sometimes) repetitive shooting or even the “B-movie” story. But you can’t deny that the gameplay is extremely engaging, the graphics are the best in any console platform, and the controls are spot-on and extremely responsive.

You can’t deny that Uncharted 3 is, and always will be, a 8+ game. Anything else would be just wrong, and sorry to say it, giving it a 4 undermines the credibility of any reviewer no matter what.


big rigs fail


I for one would never trust that reviewer to buy a new game again, or wouldn’t you be annoyed that because of his “opinion” you just ignored one of the great masterpieces of this generation and instead bought “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” which the same website awarded an 8?

Is it really worse than that game? Is Uncharted 3 really only 3.2 points better than “Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing” which holds an average score of 8 on Metacritic? Is it only a little better than the infamous Superman 64 which holds an almighty 23% in GameRankings?

Didn’t think so.