Nintendo announces new e-Shop: Playable demos and many other improvements coming


nintendo eshop


Satoru Iwata has recently explained to investors that the e-Shop is going to be improved with multiple new features, mainly 3D demos and sleep-mode downloads.

The demos will unfortunately be only for games that have already been released. No sneak peeks of coming titles.

Nintendo is also launching a browser version of the store for PC’s and mobile devices.


The japanese company is even going to support DLC and micro-transactions in the future!

“We are aiming to accelerate our digital business, the importance of which is expected to become even higher in the future. Several new functions will be added to the Nintendo eShop.”

“In terms of usability, we know that there are still several issues with the eShop. We are now preparing for the Nintendo eShop to be available on the web so that you can access it via PCs or smartphones too.”

– Nintendo president Satoru Iwata