It’s time for Zelda: Skyward Sword to take the crown from Ocarina of Time

For 12 long years I’ve revered Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A flawless game, something that made you appreciate the medium as a whole, so full of little details which together brought (almost) perfection.

I’ve spent many hours thinking what was what made Ocarina of Time. I could never nail it down, but I always came to the same conclusion: it was the experience as a whole, everything coming together in a way that was almost magical.


zelda oot classic


And, no, it wasn’t nostalgia either. This summer I (among millions of other eager gamers) experienced the 12-year-old adventure with new eyes. Older eyes, less impressed by things. Eyes that have seen some truly amazing games this generation.

But the feeling was still there: something “clicks” when you finally see the credits roll, something very deep inside which, just for a moment, touches your inner soul.

The puzzles of Ocarina are still brilliant a decade after. The story is still epic and gripping, even if it’s generic. The combat is admittedly simple now but still effective and fun.

As much as I loved Wind Waker and Majora’s Mask (and hated Twilight Princess with its dark, dull, lifeless landscapes), Ocarina of Time will always have a place in my heart as the best game ever made.

Until now.


epic swords

Incredible sword fights with amazing graphical effects. One word to describe this: epicl


Maybe I’m jumping the gun, maybe I’m letting the hype confuse me. But I have a blind faith in Skyward Sword.

All I’ve seen, all I’ve heard, all I’ve read… you can feel that this game is destined to be something special. Everything seems to come together the same way that it did for Ocarina of Time a decade ago.

The full realization of the Wii’s potential (after all this is what we were promised -full motion controls where you could feel the sword in your hand, where you could be the hero).

The incredibly inspiring tunes are also here (seriously, listen to the music in the “Romance” trailer below and tell me that you didn’t smile a little).

The beautiful (and I mean this word -this game is pure art) graphics with its vibrant colors.

The story with (finally!) a backstory for the relationship of Link and Zelda, and of course an epic tale of swords and magic which will lead us to (yes!) Ocarina of Time.



The time is coming. Soon we will finally be able to open the golden package, smell the lovely “new nintendo game” scent and slowly put the magical disk in our consoles.

Meanwhile, prestigious (and harsh) publications like Edge are already giving 10’s to this game. And again, the last Zelda to get a perfect score in that magazine was… guess what? Ocarina of Time.


Seems like a new golden age in gaming is coming. Long live the Wii, PS3 and 360 era!


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