Top 5 must have Nintendo 3DS games for this Fall

The Nintendo 3DS is slowly gaining traction, mainly because Nintendo has made a tremendous effort to give us the best games this fall.

But with so many heavy hitters, which are the ones that you should really buy?


5. Need for Speed: The Run 3D

Need for Speed has always been a respected franchise, and for good reasons: featuring an incredible sense of velocity and thrilling car chases, NFS always delivered. At least until the last iteration which definitely didn’t meet expectations.

The Nintendo 3DS version promises lots of tracks, more than 40 licensed cars (Lamborghini, McLaren, BMW and Porsche among others) and some really tight controls. The graphics are also of PS2-Wii quality, which is pretty good for a handheld. The 3D effect is quite impressive as is usually the case for most racers.

But the most interesting feature will be the complete online and local multiplayer which will enable us to compete with anyone with an Internet connection around the world. And the autolog feature only makes this even more exciting.

Autolog will perpetually connect you to EA’s servers and automatically upload all your stats, times and achievements. And best of all, it will work with StreetPass so you can have some healthy competition (exchanging “record times”) whenever you walk near someone with a SP enabled Nintendo 3DS.


need for speed 3ds


4. Sonic Generations 3D

A venerable gaming icon, Sonic!

Sonic Generations 3D is the first adventure starred by the blue hedgehog in years to look really, really promising. The trademarked fast gameplay and inventive platforming is as good as ever, the 3D graphics are incredible and the short burst-play sessions are perfect for a handheld.

This game is shaping up like an essential purchase for our Nintendo 3DS, so what more could we ask for?


sonic generations 3d


3. Mario Kart 7 (3D)

When you get into a Mario Kart game, you know what to expect. Great graphics, tight controls, charming characters, and above all, fun gameplay.

Mario Kart 3D will have all of this while taking it one step further by adding a convincing 3D effect and two interesting gameplay additions: gliders and propellers. These accessories will allow for some interesting on-air and underwater gameplay which will spice things up.

The icing on the cake will be the addicting online multiplayer and the option to modify and decorate the karts. This game is definitely going to be a massive smash hit and something that could propel the Nintendo 3DS to the top chart positions this Christmas.


mario kart 7 3d


2. Cave Story 3D

This could be a huge sleeper hit. No one is talking much about Cave Story 3D, but this little gem is considered to be a true PC classic of the last decade.

Now fully remastered and in 3D, this platformer is ready to rock our socks and immerse us in one of the most charming worlds ever made.

With extremely sharp and responsive controls an a fascinating plot, Cave Story 3D will take the portable gaming world by storm on November 4th in Europe (the 8th of November in the US).


cave story 3d


1. Super Mario 3D Land

The italian plumber is back! Made by the same developers who created SMG2, Super Mario Land 3D Land will feature a mix of old-school platforming (Super Mario Bros. 3) and new-gen Mario.

The gameplay is extremely addicting and the 3D graphics are as sharp and colorful as always. And best of all, the 3D effect is actually being used for actual gameplay, meaning that you will need the extra precision provided by the stereoscopic effect to make some difficult jumps.

All in all, you can be almost 100% sure that this is going to be a true masterpiece which will (alone) justify buying a Nintendo 3DS. Mario, we missed you!


 super mario land 3d



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