Star Fox 64 3D, a true classic masterpiece (Review)

Few names evoke as much badassery as “Star Fox” in the Nintendo world. We’ve been waiting for a good Star Fox game for almost a decade now so it was no surprise that Nintendo decided to make yet another remake for the (still game-starving) Nintendo 3DS.

But is it as good as we remember it?



Graphics have definitely been vastly improved from the original Nintendo 64 game. Gone are the jagged edges, the blurriness and the general polygonal “squareness”, now everything is much more sharp and the frame rate is extremely solid. In other words, the game looks gorgeous.

3D Effect Rating: Mid-High (there is a noticeable “deepness” and the 3D is pleasant to look at)


The sound is also very nicely done. Classic music tunes (and some brilliant ones like the Zoness theme) blend with fantastic sound effects which immerse you in the Star Fox world.

Voices are OK (and although some will miss the old ones because of nostalgia), the new voices are much clearer and easier to understand. Dialogue is obviously still quite… “poor”, but all of this adds to the general charm that this game exudes from every pore.

And, of course, you’ll get to hear the greatest line ever said in a video game: Do a barrel roll!!! (no, really, do it or else you’ll probably die!).


 Star Fox 64 3D Corneria



Star Fox 64 3D is a flight simulator-shooter hybrid. You get to partially control a high-speed ship, meaning that you can move it around and play with it, but it’s still a on-rails game. So excepting some boss encounters you won’t be able to fly around as you want.

The shooting mechanic is fun and addicting and it’s very satisfying to destroy hundreds of quick and small enemies or brutally destroy enormous robotic bosses. Controls are sharp and responsive so overall it’s a really fun experience.

The game is also very challenging if you really want to get all the medals and extra stuff. You’ll have a blast trying to improve your scores and beating your friends in a local multiplayer match.

As for the main game, there are 3 main routes you can take (easy-normal-hard) and the difficulty is spot-on, meaning that you won’t be frustrated but it also won’t be a walk in the park.


 Star Fox 64 3D Titania



Given the extreme challenge that is getting all the gold medals in both the Score Attack and the Story modes, this game can last for a really, really long time depending on your skills and patience (I’m talking about 100+ hours here).

The main game can be beaten in less than 2 hours (so that’s a 6 hour total for the 3 branches) but you’ll want to revisit each stage and try to master it.

As I said before, requirements for getting the precious emblems are insane and you’ll have to practice a lot to get that perfect run. But it’s also incredibly satisfying to get that coveted gold medal.

Multiplayer is very entertaining even if you are alone (against bots) since the AI is quite good and allows for some quick matches on the go. After all, this is what the Nintendo 3DS is made for: quick, fun, no-frill games!


Badass Fox and Falco



A solid game which will please old fans and newcomers as well. The nice 3D effects, addicting gameplay and very long durability (if you try to complete all the challenges) make this the perfect game to play while we wait for the heavy hitters this fall.