StreetPass guide: Tips, tricks & how to get lots of hits

StreetPass is one of the most interesting features of the Nintendo 3DS, a social tool unlike any other. It’s also quite an awesome one when you combine it with the surprisingly addictive StreetPass Quest and the Puzzle games. Let’s start with the basics:

StreetPass is a system which lets you know if you have met other SP enabled Nintendo 3DS while you were walking around, going to work or whatever.

First you must know that this feature doesn’t need a Wifi conection since it works with a technology similar to Bluetooth. Just go near another N3DS while walking and BAM! there you have a StreetPass hit.

Just a few clarifications:

-You have to have your Nintendo 3DS in standby, not completely turned off. Since the life battery is quite short many people are carrying their consoles completely turned off but that’s definitely not helping the popularization of the StreetPass system.
-The range is around 30 meters. Be sure to have the Wireless green light turned on. If it isn’t push the slider up one time.
-It seems that for some reason you must be walking (ite, the accelerometer must be moving) for StreetPass to work. Because of this, it may not work even if you drive around a highly populated area with your car.

Although there are no magical ways of increasing your hits (ie, you can’t game the system), let’s sum up the most useful ways to increase the chances of getting a hit. Some of this are quite obvious, but still, it’ll be nice to have them all in one place:

-Malls in general are the best place to get StreetPass hits. People go there with a “consuming mind” to buy lots and lots of things, so it’s not surprising that many of them carry with them some amazing pieces of technology like an iPhone, iPad or in this case, a Nintendo 3DS.

-Game shops are almost a 100% guaranteed SP hit at least from the owner. This is extremely useful since the Miis level up each time you find them, so if you usually go to a specific game shop soon enough you’ll have an all-powerfull level 7 Mii ready to destroy everything in it’s path.

-Not every place with lots of people is good to get SP hits. For example at the beach or a “near water environment” (even though it’s usually crowded) the people there probably won’t take their handheld with them since it’s almost impossible to play with bright sunlight and the water hazards that could damage it. You shouldn’t bother either.

-Game conventions will net you a massive amount of StreetPass hits (up to 30 in some cases) although some people cosider this as cheating, since you will clear the StreetPass quest in one evening.

It’s also worth noting that most of the times it’s difficult to go to a convention like this because of the distance, price, being an amateur videogame reviewer, etc.

-Each country has their own level of StreetPass ubiquity. Japan is undoubtedly the number one and miles ahead of the second. With the recent N3DS price drop we will hopefully notice an increase of our SP hits.

The list is just orientatory since no solid polls have been made, but it should go something like this:

1. Japan: 6+ hits on a regular day

2. US (highly populated areas like NY): 1-2 hits on a regular day, 4-5 if you go to a mall.
3. UK
4. Germany
5. Spain (especially Barcelona or Madrid)
6. Sweden
7. France
8. Italy

This is just a “general feel” list based on the reports from numerous forums and people’s experiences living there, and it should give you an idea of what to expect in each country. There are many, many countries still missing, too.

So, why bother with StreetPass?

Well, I believe StrwetPass is the beginning of a new era in social gaming for many reasons. This is why you should make an effort and make the most out of it:

-It gives you an incentive to go out there and take the console with you.

I’m not anti-social by any means, but you know those evenings where you feel extremely lazy and just want to lay down on the coach and do absolutely nothing? Well, the incentive of getting a SP hit sometimes makes you go out, take a little walk and get some fresh air. You’ll definitely feel better than if you stay all the evening in front of the computer or laying at the couch doing nothing, and even better if you do get a SP hit!

-StreetPass Miis are extremely useful for both the Quest and the Puzzle. They can be used one time in each mode, and in the Quest they can be lethal if you get them to a high enough level by meeting them multiple times. They grant you access to new Puzzles depending on where they come from too.
This means more hats for your Mii, more customisation and more general awesomeness.

-You can find out about new cool music groups with SP. In the Nintendo Sound app there’s an option where people who you meet with StreetPass can see your Top 5 songs of the moment. This is great to show off your exquisite taste in music and also to learn about new groups with the Hit Parade feature.

-Some titles (like Street Fighter and many more in the future) have some very entertaining minigames which happen automatically with StreetPass. In SF 3D, for example, you can “fight” with your figurine collection and then check the results.

-The Miis that you collect will be extensively used in future titles (stated by Nintendo) and give you some nice bonus and extra features. StreetPass Quest will also be updated with more difficult enemies which will require you some really powerful Miis.

So, that is all! Also be sure to check out the complete StreetPass Quest guide which will come out in a few days. And remember, if you liked this article be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter! (Oh, and maybe +1 on Google too!)