Nintendo Video: Week #2 Review

Oscar the Lizard

As you may already know, if you have SpotPass enabled, new content will be waiting for you in the Nintendo Video app for you to view when you open it. This handy feature which downloads new content while you are sleeping is whatmakes the service worth it.

So, let’s review Week #2’s content:


Magic Trick #02

this Time instead of some old card trick which everyone has seen a thousand times we’ve got a dexterous “magician” who manages to pile dices with a tumbler by constantñy moving it. It’s quite entertaining to watch (and probably quite difficult to perform too), and the highlight is when he manages to spit out a giant dice out of the tumbler with no apparent explanation on how he did it.  Quite decent overall.

Rating 3/5 stars

Oscar’s Oasis : “Chicken Chaser”

I must say that after last week’s promising debut this chapter of Oscar is quite of a letdown. In this short clip we see the little animal getting hold of a trumpet which he then uses to hypnotize some chickens and gather a massive amount of delicious eggs.

The “bad guys trio” try to take the eggs from Oscar the lizard, but instead get owned by the chickens (and Oscar too, of course, in the end). Overall a pretty lackluster episode. Let’shope that they improve their comedic and storyboarding skills again soon enough!

Rating: 2/5 stars

(Country specific content- SPAIN)
Photographic exhibition: “Dimensiones”

This is a photography section where various spanish artists talk about the wonders of 3D photography and show us some neat tips and tricks that they use to make some amazing photos, which are then shown in glorious glasses-less 3D.

The nature section is probably the best one of them all, featuring some truly awe-inspiring pieces.The only downside is that the photos, made with the N3DS camera, are a little bit low-res.  Still, it’s an interesting section

Rating: 4/5 stars