Nintendo Video is the best idea that the big N has had in years

Nintendo-Video (Copiar)


Nintendo Video has recently launched for the Nintendo 3DS and I have, to say, I didn’t expect something like this in the least. Yes, the service has been criticized because of the (currently) poor content, but… can’t anybody see the potential? The Spotpass feature is absolutely crucial here, automatically functioning while you are asleep (or not using the N3DS) and preparing awesome 3D videos for you to see whenever you want.

One of the main weaknesses of the Nintendo 3DS is the relatively lack of “things to do” when you are not playing a game. Yeah, you can play a little bit with your StreetPass quest or play around with your songs in Nintendo Sound, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly… So having a funny 3D animated short when you pop up your handheld while at the bus it’s indeed quite nice.

Right now the content is average, consisting of a (somewhat stupid) card magic clip featuring some simple tricks; a photo montage with some nice (but low res) 3D pictures; and the most interesting of them all, an animated 3D clip featuring a little “animal” trying to get hold of a delicious egg. The show is obviously influenced by the Ice Age character Scrat, a saber-toothed squirrel obsessed in getting hold of a nut, and it’s also quite entertaining. The animation is very well done and it has some funny moments, so as a pilot episode it has a lot of potential. And that’s the magic word: potential. For this service to get really good, it must improve a few things:

-Longer animated films and features
-More frequently updated, not just once a week
-Option to save your favourite videos
-A solid, sophisticated, 3D photography section. This would be great for those of us who love “artsy” photography. Right now there is a promising section (at least in Spain, the actual Nintendo Video content varies from country to country) of 3D photos made by professionals, te problem is that they are made using the N3DS low res camera. True 3D photos made with high-end cameras would be ideal.
-A section with the best plays of the week “a la Uncharted 3”, for example when Mario Kart 3D or Kid Icarus multiplayer comes out.

When they improve this service you’ll have at the palm of your hands the only machine in the world which can play games such as Zelda: OoT, take 3D photos and display 3D movies, and all of it without those cumbersome glasses!