Who won the E3 2011? Reasons why Nintendo>Sony>Microsoft


In my opinion Nintendo>Sony>Microsoft, like last year, although it wasn’t generally as good as other years.


Microsoft was pure crap,  I almost fell asleep with all that Sesame Street and Disney sh!t. It’s quite clear that the 360 is at the end of its cicle and only Gears & Halo are left.


Sony had a solid conference with Uncharted and Resistance for PS3, but it was to heavy on the Vita and I missed a megaton announcement for the PS3 like GoW4.

Nintendo was the best of the bunch, especially with all those awesome games coming for the 3DS. The Zelda anniversary features were very exciting to watch, and Zelda definitely deserves it. Wii U looks very interesting but nintendo really screwed up by not showing the actual console and confusing everyone with SD graphics and then showing more Zelda in incredible high definition.

The Smash Bros. and Luigi’s Mansion 2 announcement definitely made me happy and I am eager to see how they can take advantage of the 3D feature.