New Pokedex 3D images shown, uses Augmented Reality


Nintendo has released new images of the 3D Pokedex app, and something very interesting is in them: Augmented Reality!

This app lets you collect and find everything about the new Pokemon featured in Black & White (download the software tomorrow from the e-Shop!)

The promising app (which will be a huge success among the legions of Pokemon fans around the world) features a full 3D visor where you can rotate the creatures 360ยบ and see them from all angles. It also has a great search system to find and classify every creature, and, of course, the Spotpass feature to get new data from your friends’ Pokedex.

After you adquire the new pokemon you will be able to see them “in real life” thanks to the camera and the Augmented Reality system.

(via Vandal)