Why the Nintendo 3DS will be the best portable console of all time


The Nintendo 3DS has been receiving some criticism because of the poor launch game line-up, the “supposed” headaches that the 3D causes and, of course, because the virtual store (e-Shop) isn’t even online yet (coming June 6th).

But there are a number of reasons why this handheld could be the best one ever made:



Few times there has been such an incredibly good lineup of upcoming games. Featuring heros of all sorts, like Link, Mario, Snake, Sonic, Fox and many more, the quantity and quality of the games is just astounding. Let’s see which are the ones that should get you salivating:

-Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

-Metal Gear Solid 3DS

-Super Mario 3DS

-Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

-Kid Icarus: Uprising

-Sonic Generations 3DS

-Resident Evil Revelations

-Super Mario Kart 3DS

And that’s just the (known) best of the best, the “AAA”, the games that will probably get a Metascore of 90+.

And of course, that’s without taking into account the inevitable Metroid, Pokemon, FInal Fantasy, etc! Almost unbeatable!


Incredible Potential

At some point you’ll be able to watch 3D Movies on the Nintendo 3DS.

3D Movies, without glasses! How cool is that?

Granted, the screen is not exactly big, but you’ll definitely be entertained while you wait for the bus or in a long queue.

Another awesome trick is being able to make 3D photos, which combined with the recent Augmented Reality abilities seen with the 3D Pokedex just makes us ask: how far can this gadget go?


Revolutionary Social Network Features

People are just starting to grasp how big the StreetPass and SpotPass features could be. One of the biggest reasons to purchase a 3DS, the StreetPass connectivity is incredibly fun to use and adds a “reality layer” to the experience because you actually have to go out and move to make the most of it.

The Game Coins are just the icing on the cake since they reward you for walking, enhancing the “portable console” experience.


Nostalgia Power

There is no doubt that the Nintendo 3DS is one of the most “nostalgic” consoles ever made. Is it good? Is it bad?

For most of us, veteran gamers, nothing will ever come close to the Golden Age of videogames at the end of the 90’s, and having jewels like Zelda OoT or Star Fox 64 in 3D is just too tempting, not to mention being able to play with more modern masterpieces like MGS3.

Besides, there is also the “3D Classics” featuring prehistoric (but cool) games like Excitebike in 3D!

I personally think that this is a great approach since it satisfies nostalgia-hungry gamers and also introduces veteran franchises to the new kids, so they too can adore this eternal videogame icons.