Should you buy a Nintendo 3DS right now or should you wait?

Nintendo 3DS e-Shop

That’s the eternal question many of you may be asking, should I buy a Nintendo 3DS right now or should I wait?

Well, that depends (obviously) on your economical situation and other factors, but let’s see which are the main advantages and disadvantages of buying a Nintendo 3DS right now:


Weak Launch-Game Lineup

Unfortunately, the game lineup at launch has been quite lackluster. There are only around 4 titles which are worth considering

Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: the best overall game for the Nintendo 3DS, featuring some solid gameplay and good graphics, although the 3D effect is not impressive at all.

Pilotwings Resort: this game has some awesome 3D effects which actually help you when you are trying to skillfully control one of the many flying machines, but the extremely short duration and repetitiveness marr the overall experience.

Ridge Racer 3D: a decent racer with some interesting 3D effects which hint at the enormous potential of the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendogs + Cats: a good game if you are into this sort of thing: pet simulators

No functional e-Shop

A big selling point of the Nintendo 3DS is being able to access all the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance classics (some of them even remade in 3D!), so it’s definitely strange that Nintendo didn’t have the e-Shop up and running on launch day. This virtual store will also provide 3D films, demos, amazing three-dimensional photos and other goodies that you can exchange for some Game Coins.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait  a few months to have access to all this things.

Limited StreetPass & SpotPass functionality

A direct result of the weak launch game lineup and poor e-Store planning. Many people are holding on a little before buying the handheld so the chance that you’ll be able to use the StreetPass and SpotPass functionality right now is quite low.


Coolest gadget geek in town

The glasses-free 3D experience, right here, right now. It’s obvious that if you buy the new handheld you will be the “technological celebrity” in your school/university/place of work. It’s just for ego purposes, but be sure that if you bring the Nintendo 3Ds with you, everybody will be asking for it to see the famous 3D effect and “Oooooohs” and “Aaaaaahhs” will ensue.

The Nintendo 3Ds is a very cool machine so you could even use it to make conversation with that awesome hot girl… wanna see my Nintendogs?

Honestly, this reason is quite…. stupid, but as you can see there aren’t really many advantages on getting a Nintendo 3DS now.

You get a headstart on in-game achievements and Game Coins

While everybody is busy talking about the new iPad 2 or wasting time doing productive things you will be earning in-game achievements (sadly there isn’t a universal Trophies/Achievements system like with the PS3/Xbox 360) and Game Coins (Game Coins are earned by walking with the Nintendo 3DS in your pocket).

This way you’ll be able to buy cool things at the Nintendo e-Shop much sooner than other people who won’t have as much virtual currency as you do.


Don’t get me wrong, although the Nintendo 3DS is an incredible machine with lots of potential and will probably be one of the most awesome devices ever made, right now there aren’t many reasons to purchase the console and you’d be better off saving some money.

When the heavy hitters like Zelda OoT get released in the summer and Nintendo opens the e-Store, then you’ll have the best handheld ever made at its true potential!

Summing-up: Wait a few months until the E3 arrives!