Top 5 Things You Don’t Know About the Nintendo 3DS

Game Coins

Well, maybe you know about them if you have been following the most recent Nintendo 3DS news, but let’s see which are the most important “hidden” Nintendo 3DS features:

Game Coins & Pedometer

What are the Nintendo 3DS game Coins? The new Nintendo handheld will have an in-built pedometer that will count every step you take and reward you accordingly with Game Coins (a type of currency). You will then be able to use this “money” at the Nintendo eShop (Virtual Console) to buy things like alternative costumes, new weapons, extra characters and even Image Galleries. The objective is to make people who buy the console more active and although it is notoriously easy to cheat a pedometer a cool Nintendo 3DS feature like the this always welcome!

Tag Mode (also known as StreetPass)

With this innovative Nintendo 3DS feature the console will be able to gather information around you even in sleep mode. So every time you get near a Wifi Hotspot, the Nintendo 3DS will auto-download new firmware and software (some of it depending on where you are at the moment). It will also recognize other nearby handhelds and take note of the exact date, place and information about the owner. Privacy violation? Maybe so, but you can always turn it off if you want. For the rest of us it will be a very interesting feature which will really expand our social gaming experience.

Nintendo 3DS Sound & Pictochat

With the 3DS Sound app you will be able to play and even edit sounds so this could be a really powerful tool to create nice sound mixes anywhere in the world, although the limitations are still not known. Pictochat is back with StreetPass connectivity, which means that you will soon be talking again to friends and strangers via this hilarious messaging app. Pictochat lets you draw anything you like and instantly send it via Wifi!


A very nice and necessary feature. Those who have had pre-iOS 4.2 Apple device know how frustrating it is not being able to multitask between different apps. With the Nintendo 3DS you’ll be able to change from a game, to a Pictochat Session, a Nintendo 3DS Sound mix or even a quick look at the Internet Browser (so you can search for that elusive treasure!) with a simple touchscreen tap.

3D Photos and Video

One of the most amazing (but not often mentioned) Nintendo 3DS features is the ability to take full 3D photos. Imagine being in Venice and taking a photo of one of those beautiful Gondolas rendered in full 3D! This feature will enable people to “revisit” that lovely place whenever they want, such is the inmersion of the 3D effect. The potential is just brutal and if marketed right this could be one of the main selling points of the Nintendo 3DS, mainly aimed at the “casual” gamer crowd.

The ability to display 3D Movies and TV Shows is equally impressive, especially as it offers the possibility of watching a live Football game on Eurosport or a 3D movie while you are travelling.

What do you think about these Nintendo 3DS features? (especially the Pedometer + Game Coins). Did you know about them?