Top 5 Reasons Why the Nintendo 3DS will dominate the PSP2

The Nintendo 3DS

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the two new handhelds, the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PSP2. But which one is better? In this article you’ll find out why the Nintendo handheld is going to completely dominate in the Sony PSP2 vs Nintendo 3DS comparison!

StreetPass: a promising new social feature

Many people don’t realize it, but this feature could be the beginning of a new era of Social Gaming. Being able to play with a nearby Nintendo 3DS owner (and then keeping a record of when and where you met that person) could open up a new way of meeting people, which the socialites (now that handhelds are finally recognized as a “non-freak” form of entertainment) are surely going to love.

This feature is clearly destined to the casual gamer crowd and could mean a very high amount of consoles sold (much like the Wii “social gaming” aspect). Buy this application could also please many “hardcore” gamers by helping them finding other nice people with the same gaming interests.

Virtual Console and Backwards compatibility with Nintendo DSi Games

Let’s be honest here: while Sony’s “home consoles” are incredible consoles thatoffer a vast lineup of great games, Sony’s handhelds (that is, the PSP)  don’t. The PSP has been struggling to get good games for the past 3 years and while some games have been good, PSP owners aren’t very pleased about the game library and think that Sony could have done much more.

On ther other hand, the Nintendo DS has been one of the most succesful handhelds of all time mainly because of its massive library of extraordinary games, covering a wide range of generes. With the Nintendo 3DS you will be able to play all those games from the start, a priceless feature for the new owner and a major advantage in the Sony PSP2 vs Nintendo 3DS comparison.


No matter what critics say and as Webush Securities analyst Michael Patcher pointed out, the Nintendo 3DS’s price is a bargain. A pioneering glass-less 3D capable machine with a great launch game lineup and many innovative features like StreetPass and the 3D camera for 249,99$? Hell yes!

We still don’t know how much the Sony PSP2 will cost, but knowing that it will boast the graphical capabilities of the PS3 and a myriad of other options it would be quite logical for the PSP2 to be more expensive than the Nintendo 3DS. The PSP2 is also aimed to a more “techonogical advanced” kind of people (ie. gadget lovers) willing to pay more money for a high-end console.

3D Capabilities

The most talked-about feature of the Nintendo 3DS: full autostereoscopic 3D capabilities which can be regulated by a handy slider. Seeing it for the first time is quite amazing, and although some known problems like eye fatigue may affect the Nintendo 3DS’s reputation, the 3D effect provides such an inmersive gaming experience and opens up so many possibilities that it will almost surely be a great success. Another point for the Nintendo console in the Sony PSP2 vs Nintendo 3DS comparison.

Game library

Nobody can deny that the Nintendo 3DS game library is astounding. Featuring titles like Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS (a dream come true for many gamers), Kid Icarus Uprising, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Star Fox, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Mario Kart…. the list is endless! Definitely a must-have console for any person who loves gaming!

What do you think? Who will be the winner in the Sony PSP2 vs Nintendo 3DS comparison?