SpotPass and StreetPass: Incredible Social Features for the N3DS

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass

The Nintendo 3DS Amsterdam conference is proving to be very interesting and some of the most touted features are the SpotPass & StreetPass applications, which will automatically detect nearby Nintendo 3DS consoles and “fight” between them (the one with the most Achievements will win).

It will also serve to automatically download firmware updates (to help fight piracy) and other special content.

SpotPass will change the way we play because it promises to elevate portable gaming to a new social dimension, possibly directly interacting with nearby people when the LED indicator lights up. You will then be able to “meet” the Mii of that particular person and see when you met him/her, where he/she comes from and what his/her hobbies are. The feature can be turned off as desired.

Another interesting feature announced in the conference is an Eurosport partnership which will enable Nintendo 3DS users to watch all kinds of sports anywhere, anytime, and in 3D!.

You can watch the Nintendo 3DS Amsterdam conference here.