Apple to compete with the Nintendo 3DS?

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The future of 3D looks very bright after seeing the impressive 3D capabilities of the new Nintendo 3DS, so its no surprise that Apple also wants a piece of the “pie”.

Recent rumors from the Japanese media site Macotakara point to a next-gen Apple iPhone 5 with glasses-free 3D technology but allegedly with a much wider angle of view. Apple is known for being able to create highly innovative (and expensive) gadgets, so the chances of a device like this hitting the market are indeed quite high.

The Apple iPhone gaming capabilities have improved a lot since it was first launched to the point that some games are actually at the level of more “dedicated” consoles like the Nintendo 3DS or the PSP, especially after the launch of the award-winning Infinity Blade.

The Japanese site where the leak comes from says that the Apple iPhone 5 ‘s technology would involve eye-tracing with the Facetime camera to constantly provide the user with two diferent images that superposed would form a 3D image regardless of the user’s position.

This could mean some early competition for Nintendo, but given that the japanese company has a vastly superior game lineup (featuring Mario, Zelda 3DS, Star Fox, Metal Gear, Kid Icarus and Resident Evil among others) it doesn’t seem likely that the handheld could fail in any way, on the contrary, the expectation for the Nintendo 3DS is extremely high all over the world and especially in Japan.

What do you think? Will the Apple iPhone 5 be able to enter the portable gaming market to compete succesfully with the likes of Nintendo and Sony?