The Nintendo 3DS Possibly Hacked Already

Pirate Mario

After being stolen from a Chinese factory and torn apart for the world to see, according to this Chinese website it seems that the parties involved in the theft have already made a Nintendo 3DS hack and granted it the ability to play ROMs (nintendo 3DS pirated games that you can freely download from the web).

It’s still only a rumor, but it would be very sad after all the efforts Nintendo has made to try and make the console unpirateable.

The original handheld had a huge problem with piracy so let’s hope that this Nintendo 3DS hack can be patched with a firmware update as soon as the console is released.

What do you think about this new Nintendo 3DS hack? Will the japanese company be able to stop the inminent avalanche of Nintendo 3DS pirated games?


Original Nintendo 3DS Hack Video: